Modern Healthcare Tunics: Our Delamere Nurse Tunic

Modern Healthcare Tunics: Our Delamere Nurse Tunic

Product Perspectives - The Delamere Tunic

Exploring the latest in modern healthcare tunics.


the delamere

Delamere Dream

The Delamere Tunic is a popular Uniforms4Healthcare design available in a range of healthcare suitable colours including hospital blue, lilac and navy, navy and white, royal blue and white, sky with navy, sky with white and white with navy.

This stylish healthcare tunic takes inspiration from the latest catwalk designs. The Delamere includes an asymmetrical neckline that has been featured in the work of designers such as Tom Ford, Alexander Wang, Caroline Herrera, Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen.

Salonwear Model1191 
The Delamere Tunic in Lilac


The Delamere Tunic is a stylish choice for anyone looking for a touch of modernity in their healthcare uniform.

The asymmetrical crossover design of this tunic accentuates the body's natural line with the offset trim providing a sharp distinction against the main body colour of the tunic.

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