Essential Features For Healthcare Uniforms

Essential Features For Healthcare Uniforms

Essential Features For Healthcare Uniforms


Here at Uniforms 4 Healthcare, we pride ourselves in providing the best and most practical uniforms to healthcare professionals.

We achieve this by offering our customers healthcare uniforms that include special features to suit their environment and occupation.

Whether they are nurses, surgeons, GPs or dentists, we have something available for every healthcare professional.


Multiple tunics that we offer are created to resist the loss of colour when coming into contact with bleaches. This an essential feature for healthcare workers as they come into contact with many harsh chemicals on a day to day basis, so bleach resistance will keep the uniform looking fresh for as long as possible.

This feature is available from the range of Jacob Behren’s healthcare tunics for men and women as well as the unisex scrubs.


We offer Jacob Behren’s trousers as well as Alexandra dresses, which are anti-microbial. As people working in healthcare come into contact with many patients in one day, the anti microbial feature will inhibit the growth of bacteria even after multiple washes.

Uniforms 4 Healthcare feel these features must be taken into account when supplying work wear to our healthcare customers as these guarantee a longer uniform life and one less thing to think about when it comes to a career in healthcare.

If you are interested in purchasing an item with special features take a look and order online at

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