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Modern Healthcare Tunics: The Asymmetric Theory Tunic

Product Perspectives - The Theory Tunic

Why this asymmetrical tunic is another Eureka moment from Uniforms 4 Healthcare.


Theory mood board

Time to Test the Theory

Today we're shedding light on one of Uniforms 4 Healthcare's most popular tunic designs, the Theory Tunic.

This stylish modern healthcare tunic features an asymmetrical front panel, a style that has been seen in the work of designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, Dior and Alexander McQueen.

Theories The Theory in Blue with White and Navy with White

What sets this tunic apart from the crowd is the asymmetrical collar and flattering front panel seam, which offsets the main, block colour of the garment by contrasting it with a different coloured trim.

The Theory is available in Hospital Blue with White, Lilac with Purple, Metro with Navy, Navy with White, Pale Blue with White and Purple with Lilac.

Theory in Metro with Navy, Hospital Blue with White and Lilac with Purple Theory in Metro with Navy, Hospital Blue with White and Lilac with Purple