Go Light With Our Polycotton Tunic Range

Go Light With Our Polycotton Tunic Range

Go Light With Our Polycotton Tunic Range 

Everyone should feel comfortable at work, especially on those warm busy shifts in the healthcare industry. Therefore, the polycotton tunic range will make a perfect addition to your summer workwear wardrobe. Polycotton is a fabric made from a blend of a polyester and cotton, making it a very thin and lightweight. The cotton properties absorbs moisture as well as being really soft, making it a perfect element of the healthcare uniform as it makes it really comfortable to work in. The polyester properties make the fabric durable and non-iron, which is perfect for the healthcare industry as easy to wear uniform is essential. Polycotton is perfect for a variety of healthcare professionals such as for dentist, nurses, carers, pharmacists and many more.

The polycotton tunic range was designed specifically for staff wanting a modern medical look. Our Mercia tunic features an asymmetric collar and a front concealed zip that fastens to the side. The tunic comes in four different colours, such as lilac, pale blue, navy and white, making it perfect for any healthcare professional. It also has an action back and vents for comfort and ease of movement which adds extra comfort to the lightweight fabric. This polycotton style is really popular amongst the dental and hygienist professionals.


Mercia Healthcare Tunic

Our Blend tunic which is also part of the lightweight healthcare uniform range, the tunic contains a trim on the asymmetric neckline, sleeves and pockets and is available in six different colours. This asymmetrical healthcare tunic is modern twist on our classic style, and an increasingly popular choice for all healthcare professionals. Specifically the Blend tunic in lilac with a navy trim is becoming increasingly popular within the carers, as the lilac colour gives less of the hospitalised feel, making it perfect care assistant uniform.


Blend Healthcare Tunic

Our polycotton tunic range also contains our Delamere tunic; the tunic features a concealed open ended zip fastening with top stud and an action back and vents for ease of movement. The Delamere tunic is a stylish choice of anyone looking for a touch of modernity in their healthcare uniform as the asymmetrical crossover design of this tunic accentuates the body’s natural line with the offset trim providing a sharp distinction against the main body colour of the tunic. The Delamere tunic is available in seven different colours, including four different shades of blue, making it perfect if your workplace contains different departments. This tunic is perfect as part of a care assistant uniform, pharmacist uniform and even a dental uniform.


Delamere healthcare Tunic

If you really like the style of this tunic but you are wanting something even more lighter, then you can also get a dress version of the Delamere tunic called the Winfell dress. A modern healthcare dress would make a perfect addition to your workwear wardrobe for those hot busy shifts.


Winfell Healthcare Dress

The modern polycotton lightweight tunics are becoming more increasingly popular for the carers and dentists as these modern tunics are still very professional, however they give less of the hospitalised feel for the patients which is important for the carers and dentists as they are wanting to make the patients feel as comfortable as possible. Moreover, the lightweight tunics make working easier with the soft as well as durable material. The easy to wear tunics, which do not require ironing are perfect for the healthcare industry. The modern polycotton tunics are an essential part of the workwear.

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