Factors to Consider when Buying a New Healthcare Uniform

Factors to Consider when Buying a New Healthcare Uniform

Factors to consider when buying new healthcare uniform


Here, at Dencowear Ltd, we understand how important good quality workwear is within the Healthcare industry. A well designed healthcare uniform helps to uphold a professional image, distinguish between staff and patients, and promotes good infection control.

However, it can be difficult to decide which healthcare dresses, tunics and scrubs are right for you and/or your team.

We’ve outlined the most important features to consider when buying your healthcare uniform and encourage you to consider these points in your decision.



Eden Healthcare Tunic 


Our traditional healthcare tunics, dresses and scrubs are made out of a polycotton material which is ideal within the healthcare environment. We also have healthcare tunics in a lightweight fabric perfect for the summer or to keep cool when rushing around your busy work environment. Our healthcare uniform is infection control compliant, suitable for industrial laundry and made from bleach resistant fabric.

If you’re looking for a bit of stretch in your work uniform, we also offer a 4-way stretch material as part of our modern healthcare look. These healthcare tunics include our popular Belle tunic, Allure tunic, Eden Tunic and Charm tunic; ideal for dentists and pharmacist.



Blend Healthcare Tunic 


The design of your healthcare uniform is very important as you want to ensure it is welcoming, fits well with the company and that you are comfortable wearing it.

We offer a range of healthcare tunic styles and designs, in a variety of colours, from trimmed collar to striped tunics to an asymmetric neckline. Take a look at our classic and modern range to pick the right to pick ideal healthcare workwear for you.


To ensure that your tunic is a suitable fit, we recommend going with your usual high street size. However, if you are in a profession where you need to

Legacy Classic Healthcare Tunic 


move around bend down and lift your arms you need to ensure that your healthcare tunic is comfortable and just as flexible as you are. This is when we would recommend going up one size so you are not restricted when it comes to doing your job properly and safely.


We know that pricing can play a big part of your decision on your healthcare uniform. That’s why Dencowear Ltd offers the best price for the high quality healthcare tunics we have to provide you. Not only that but we also have amazing bulk discount offers if you’re looking to purchase a large amount of uniforms. Our prices reflect the quality of the design, fabric and features that are used to create each garment.


Delamere Healthcare Tunic 


Your healthcare profession can affect the decision of your healthcare uniform.

This may be the style, colour or fit of your uniform. You may be part of a department in your workplace that wears a classic healthcare tunic in a specific colour so that departments are easily differentiated.

However, not all healthcare professions need to wear a classic medical tunic. Carers and Dentists seem to be leaning to more of a modern brand; you can wear tunics with an asymmetrical neckline such as our Blend and Mercia tunic, or have a more simplistic with the Delemere to represent this. These modern healthcare tunics still provide a professional look but give a more relaxed atmosphere to patients and visitors as oppose to the hospitalised feel you tend to get with the classic healthcare tunics.

With Dencowear Ltd, you’ll be sure to find a healthcare uniform that is right for you .

Browse our range of healthcare dresses, tunics and medical scrubs to see what options w can offer you today.

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