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Alternative Approach to Nursery Staff Uniforms

Alternative Approach to Nursery Staff Uniforms

Nannies and nursery nurses have traditionally worn uniforms. The image of nursery nurses wearing demure cotton dresses and starched white pinafores goes back to Victorian times, when uniforms were considered essential in inspiring authority. Nowadays, that image has changed and nursery staff uniforms have an informal and relaxed appearance.

Many nurseries are now keen to have uniforms for many reasons. Nursery staff uniforms show a great level of professionalism and give a sense of identity to the staff feeling part of the same team. Nursery staff uniforms are appreciated by parents, as the parents can recognise the staff straight away. The children also know who to go if they need help, so it will be easier for them to find their carers.

Nursery staff uniforms help the organisation of the team as well. First of all, as said earlier, they help distinguishing parents from the staff. Then, wearing different colours, the staff can be divided into smaller teams which become very easy to recognise for both children and parents. Furthermore, nursery staff uniforms can have embroidered logos contributing to that level of professionalism.

Our Belle tunics can be great nursery staff uniforms being available in a wide range of vibrant and cheerful colours. They are simple and stylish giving a feeling of great professionalism. Side-fastening with a heart-trim zip and two-way stretch fabric make Belle an extremely comfortable and easy-to-wear tunic, ideal for nursery staff uniforms.

Written by Annie Lauri