Alcogel Hand Sanitising Gel 5L

Alcogel Hand Sanitising Gel 5L

£40.00 £40.00

Model Number: DDNHS5LT

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Alcogel Hand Sanitising Gel 5L

Model Number: DDNHS5LT £40.00


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The Alcogel sanitiser is ideal for all environments in need of regular hand sanitisation. This includes shops, hairdressers, pubs, hospitals and doctors surgeries just to name a few. This 500 L bottle of hand sanitiser would be ideal to fill the automatic hand sanitisation station also available at Uniforms for Healthcare.

In order for hand sanitiser to be effective in killing microbes including bacteria and viruses it needs to be 60% alcohol, this Alcogel sanitiser has an alcohol content of 70% and therefore is perfect for personal protection or the protection of staff and customers within a store environment.

To use, apply a dime-sized amount of the alcohol-based sanitiser to your hands and then rub your hands together covering the entire surface area of your hands and fingers. Continue rubbing your hands together until all the hand sanitiser has been absorbed.

  • Comes in a 5 L bottle (5000ml)
  • Has an alcohol percentage of 70%
  • Ideal for environments requiring regular use of hand sanitiser
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