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Quality Control

Here at Uniforms4Healthcare we ensure the correct quality control procedures are in place, in order to deliver our promise of providing high quality garments to a range of industries. We acknowledge that achieving and maintaining a standard of quality within our product range is paramount to meet our customers’ expectations, and we take any quality concern with our products seriously.

If you experience any fault or concern with any of our items, you must inform you account manager or the customer services team immediately upon discovering the fault. The correct procedure to reporting faults can be found underneath:


Any items which have been received with faults, or have developed genuine faults, which are not bespoke made, personalised in any way or altered, will be accepted for return by Uniforms4Healthcare. In most cases, faults can only be refunded within 90 days of the items purchase date. Exchanges and credits will usually be processed for items outside of this time, up until a maximum of 6 months. We cannot promise acceptance of faulty items reported outside this time. In order to return an item due to a fault, you must follow the following instructions.

Upon discovering the fault, email us with the following information:

  • First and Surname
  • Invoice Number or Order Number
  • Fault problem
  • A photo attachment of the fault in question

Upon receiving your email with these details, we can then notify your account that you have informed us about the fault on that particular day. In instances where you called instead, you must follow up the call with an email with the details above.

We usually request the customer to pay to return the items until our quality control team can examine the item(s). If we acknowledge there is a clear fault provided on the photo received, we will often provide a freepost returns label.