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Manufacturing Tunics in the UK

Here at Dencowear we manufacture some of our own tunics. These can be for bespoke orders for companies or individuals or items that may be out of stock.

Our main supplier for the material we use is in the UK but we also source from china. As a company we are very happy to say that the work is done here in the UK rather than out sourcing to other countries. This is in keeping with our historical background, when all our garments were made in the United Kingdom.

When our clients put in an order if it is not in stock or it is a bespoke item then the warehouse staff sent it to Geoff. Geoff our cutter and reviews the order to see what cutting sheet is needed, if we do not have the correct one he will make this himself.

Once the cutting sheet is made, Geoff lays up and cuts the material. Geoff will cut out several different parts of the pattern ready for Janice, Mussarat and Pravina to sew them together. The first stage is the first over-lock, then the first sews, then over-locking together and finally the finishing touches such as pressing hemming and adding buttons. When this is done it is sent Yvonne to be collated with the order form and then is sent to be dispatched.