Which Healthcare Uniform Best Suits Your Business?

Which Healthcare Uniform Best Suits Your Business?

Which Healthcare Uniform Best Suits Your Business?

Within the industry there are many different professions which should in turn warrant a different healthcare uniform suited to each. For example a home carer should be dressed differently to a vet, and a paramedic differently to a pharmacist. The conditions under which all healthcare professionals work is completely different; with kids or OAP’s, hot or cold, day or night, so a carefully picked healthcare uniform can provide tailored advantages. Following on from certain ideas from a previous blog I plan to look at how different businesses need different healthcare uniforms. Initially I would like to break this analysis down into key factors: Cleanliness, Comfort, and Colour.

Cleanliness and clinical hygiene is of course the most important factor, as it relates directly to patient wellbeing. And with regard to healthcare uniform, this means a fabric that can be washed multiple times at a high enough temperature to remove all bacteria is necessary. This is available across many products available on Uniforms 4 Healthcare such as the Mawson scrub sets, which can be washed up to 60 degrees. 

The number of different roles in which people can operate within the healthcare sector has a wide span, which has direct implication on which uniform one should choose. A nurse required on multiple wards in a large hospital will require a breathable fabric that allows ease of movement. A polycotton blend can provide both of these qualities, to maintain wearer comfort which is important for any clothing items. The Legacy healthcare tunic is made from a 65/35 polycotton blend and its loose fit will keep the wearer cool and comfortable in any high intensity healthcare profession.

Although the white and pale blue uniforms that most healthcare professionals wear has a clean and simple look, the colour can come across very clinical to the patient. This is especially pertinent in areas such as paediatrics. Bright coloured tunics can help get over this, as long as they adhere to all of the standards previously mentioned. Moreover nurses will want to maintain fashionable at the workplace, and many of the tunics available at Uniforms 4 Healthcare allow for this.

It is obvious that there should be strict standards that healthcare uniforms should be set against, and the Uniforms 4 Healthcare range offers uniforms that comply, as well as allowing a large choice of colours, fabrics, and styles.

Anand Sodha, Dencowear, 2013

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