Uniforms for Vets: A Guide to What to Wear When Working Outdoors

Uniforms for Vets: A Guide to What to Wear When Working Outdoors

Uniforms for Vets - A Guide to What to Wear When Working Outdoors

The daily routine for some vets will often involve working on farms and small holdings dealing with all kinds of animals
from cattle and equine to sheep and pigs - away from the inside space of a clean dry surgery often the vet is more likely to come into contact with mud, dirt and animal faeces which can be a haven for infection and disease.


For all vets, working indoors or out, the best way to reduce infection spreading is through the use of scrubs, aprons, overalls and gloves collectively known as Personal protective equipment (PPE) which must always be changed between every location and then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after use. This can often be tricky when out on site so a stockpile of clothing is often necessary and they should be of high quality and resilient to heavy duty cleaning.

Having clean, protective and appropriate clothing is vital for a vet working outdoors not just to reduce the spread of infection but to keep them looking professional, which is important to gain trust from the client's perception.

The weather, as unpredictable as it can be, may also be an issue so wearing a fleece that is personalised and branded to the practice with an embroidery logo is a great idea and retains the professional uniform look whilst keeping the vet free from the cold!


Footwear is also important - slip on clogs don't work so well on rough muddy terrain! Which is why a sturdy lace up shoe is more appropriate or wellies are also a good idea in deep mud.


At Uniforms 4 Healthcare we offer a wide range of high quality clothing for vets , designed especially for veterinary use both working indoors and out. We can supply vet uniforms for individuals or for practices wanting to provide uniforms for all staff.

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