The Importance Of A Modern Uniform For Cares Homes

The Importance Of A Modern Uniform For Cares Homes

'The Importance Of A Modern Uniform For Cares Homes'

Recently, Dencowear teamed up with a university student to research the need for modern uniforms in the £14.5bn care home market.


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Josiane Souma of Leeds University worked with Dencowear in order to gain insight on the importance of modern uniforms in care homes.

Throughout the study, it was found that the modern uniform for care home staff is becoming increasingly more important and hugely impacts where people choose to place their family members.

The market is becoming increasingly competitive as the market has grown by 148% in the last 10 years, and the need to display a visual point of difference is important.

Turley and Leblanc (1993) confirm that when “consumers evaluate services which they should purchase elements such as the appearance of staff, influence the perceived quality and financial risk of the purchase decision.”

Souma’s research has also proven that job satisfaction and performance in a caring role is influenced by the investment in staff uniforms and suitable equipment to perform to their full capacity.

“Staff with modern uniforms are happier and more satisfied with it; positively influencing their mood and performance.” Souma (2014)

This research undertaken by Josiane Souma saw her gather data by use of in depth interviews and focus groups with care managers, care home staff and residents from a cross section of care homes in the Leeds area.

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